Claire Cansick

Claire Cansick

I love to explore woodland around where I live in Norfolk and have a long heritage in the county; there are many woods and copses across the wide open landscape each with their own atmosphere and characteristics. When I paint I like to dissect the colours and look for the recessive colours within. My initial drawings remain incredibly important throughout the painting process as they are the beginning of an abstraction of colour, shapes, of compositional development and where I also explore the human element and relationship to nature. My work has developed into painterly images of the woods and individual trees within open landscapes with a focus on silhouette, colour and line. My skills in oil painting has been largely self taught through my own practice and experimentation.

The Search, oil on canvas 2018

Claire Cansick
Towards Burnham, oil on wood panel, 2017

Shepherd's Delight, oil on canvas, 2018

Gentleness Clears The Soul, oil on canvas, 2017