Private View Collegiale Sainte-Croix de Loudun, France 8 March 2019

Attended by the Mayor of Loudun and town officials, several of the exhibiting Arborealists and members of the public, this imposing building housed a private view of the exhibition 8 March.
Speeches were made by the Mayor and Philippa Beale to introduce the Arborealists and welcome all to this awe inspiring show.

Expertly curated by Tim Craven and Philippa Beale the show fills this grand space offered by Sainte-Croix with its magnificent large open area housing the larger works on display and several niches with smaller works positioned towards the back. Some purpose made sculptures lined the centre of the space.

Attending Arborealists were Lara Cobden, Fiona McIntyre, Claire Cansick, Jaqueline Wedlake-Hatton, John Blandy, Guillaume Brandy, Francis Daeschert, Sandra Wroe, Philippa Beale and Tim Craven alongside guest artists Mike Dodd, Claude ? and Bengt Alders. 

To view photos of the installation, opening evening and the Arborealists enjoying France please click here.