AICA: Feminism and contemporary landscape practice meets ‘The art of trees’

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Angela Summerfield


Angela Summerfield, ‘Un-natural Nature: Tree Portrait (2)’, oil on canvas, 49 x 49 cm

"Curated by Philippa Beale, formerly of the University of the Arts, this exhibition, at the Bermondsey Project Space, features largely women artists (roughly 70 %!) whose practices address conceptions of landscape and its dominant motif, the tree. 



Une artiste anglaise au pays d'Aliénor

"La remarquable exposition « Les arbres de la Vienne » proposée par les Arboréalistes » et installée au Dortoir des moines de Saint-Benoît est prolongée jusqu'au lundi 31 juillet.
Fondé en 2013 par Tim Craven, conservateur en chef du City Art Gallery de Southampton et artiste international, le mouvement pictural s'est donné comme sujet les arbres. « Les arbres avec l'histoire de leur existence et de leur survie sont une métaphore de notre propre existence » explique Philippa Beale, commissaire de l'exposition."

"The remarkable exhibition "The Trees of the Vienne" proposed by the Arboréalists and installed in the Dortoirs des Moines at Saint-Benoît is extended until Monday, July 31st.
Founded in 2013 by Tim Craven, Chief Curator of the Southampton City Art Gallery and artist, who created an international movement of artists, who preferences trees in their work. ”Trees, with the story of their existence and their survival, are a metaphorfor our own existence," explains Philippa Beale, curator of the exhibition."


Des Arboréalistes à quatre mains

"Né au Royaume-Uni sous l'impulsion de Tim Craven, conservateur en chef du musée de Southampton, le mouvement des Arboréalistes expose jusqu'au 31 juillet « Les arbres de la Vienne » au Dortoir des Moines à Saint-Benoît. Majoritairement composés d'artistes britanniques, le mouvement compte cependant deux artistes français."

"Born in the UK under the leadership of Tim Craven, Chief curator of the Southampton Museum, the Arborealist movement is exhibiting until July 31st "The Trees of the Vienne" at the Dormitory of the Monks in Saint-Benoît. Mostly composed of British artists, the movement includes two French artists."


Les Arboréalistes végétalisent le Dortoir

"Tout juillet, le groupe d'artistes « les Arboréalistes » envahit de ses frondaisons picturales le Dortoir des moines avec l'exposition « Les arbres de la Vienne »."

"All July, the group of artists "the Arborealists" invades with its pictorial greenery The Dortoir des Moines (Dormitory of the Monks) with the exhibition "Les Arbres de la Vienne"."


Les Arboréalistes pour la première fois en France

A great, amazing and laudatory first article in the newspaper today
Un premier article magnifique et élogieux dans le journal aujourd'hui.

A first step in France and Europe !
Un premier pas en France et en Europe !


Artists and Illustrators

The new issue of Artists and Illustrators magazine publishes an article on the Arborealists and headlines the group on its front cover.

The February issue of Artists & Illustrators is on sale now in the UK & Ireland and online.


Book review in 'The British Art Journal'

'The British Art Journal'

publishes a book review of ‘The Arborealists: The Art of the Tree’
by Helen Cobby

"The Arborealists: The Art of the Tree with essays by Angela Summerfield, Philippa Beale and Peter Davies. Published April 2016 by Sansom & Co.
Helen Cobby

Trees and woodlands have held a special place in the British landscape and soul for centuries. They nurture complex ecosystems, are crucial for our own survival, and provide unique environments as well as aesthetic structures that signal both local and national identities. Trees are firmly entwined with our cultural heritage and have fascinated artists and writers as diverse as Shakespeare, Wordsworth, Constable, Hardy and the Pre-Raphaelites.


The Arborealists: a new generation of tree painters

Tree painting was once regarded as boringly traditional. Laura Gascoigne finds an old subject putting out new roots.

"Now, a new group of British tree painters calling themselves the Arborealists has emerged from the exhibition ‘Under the Greenwood: Picturing the British Tree’ held at the St Barbe Museum and Art Gallery in Lymington, Hampshire, two years ago."

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Bristol celebrates art of the tree

To kick off Bristol's year as the European Green Capital, a gallery has become a magical arboretum of tree-inspired art

To kick off Bristol's year as the European Green Capital the city's oldest gallery, the RWA, has been transformed into a colourful arboretum for an exhibition by a newly formed group of artists. Rows of trees in  works by a group of 30 British painters, printmakers and sculptors line the bright Victorian rooms at the Royal West of England Academy.

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Under the Greenwood Tree - an exhibition worth travelling for, by Andrew Lambirth

Under the Greenwood Tree - an exhibition worth travelling for

By Andrew Lambirth

A mixed exhibition of paintings, drawings and prints devoted to the subject of the tree might sound an unexciting event, filled with what Johnny Cash memorably described as ‘hopeful stars of flickering magnitude’, but actually in this case the reverse is true. The show has been divided into two halves, the first of which deals with a historical survey of the tree in past art, the section which is herewith under review. The sequel, focusing on the tree in contemporary art...

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