Kevin Tole

Kevin Tole

My painting and drawing practise appear to have diverged significantly. In the past both were a reflection of each other and I laid great importance upon sketchbook work to the extent that I would work every day into a sketchbook. Over the last two years my drawing has become fixated on a particular subjects and has developed its own stature. 

Kevin Tole
Antony Plane in Winter, Charcoal, pastel, acrylic, gouache, water on paper. Free hanging on battens, 150 x 250 cm, 2017

This started with a year-long project working on one group of three trees on the edge of Dartmoor, producing an A1 charcoal drawing per week. That has moved on to further projects in Cornwall with trees and Glasgow on the Titan cranes along the Clyde. 

Kevin Tole
No. 29 Danescombe Oak, Beech Charcoal, Compressed Charcoal, White Conte, White Charcoal on paper, 59 x 84 cm, 2016

In all the projects I like to use materials found in the immediate areas to the subjects commonly making my own charcoal in which the source wood is intimately connected to the subject of the drawing. 

Kevin Tole
Antony Walnut No. 1, Charcoal (various) on paper, 59 x 84 cm, 2016

The drawings have all increased in size because this allows me to make and examine gestural marks, to move from the finger to the shoulder and to seek the chance mark arising from the conscious build-up of layer upon layer. This has led me into etching and printmaking to move ideas sideways and forwards.

Kevin Tole
Summer Beech Tree, Etching, Limited Edition of 20, 35 x 45 cm, 2017

Kevin Tole
Fagus silvatica Field, Beech Charcoal, various compressed charcoals, white, charcoal, white conte, 150 x 575 cm, 2017


Claire Cansick

Claire Cansick

I love to explore woodland around where I live in Norfolk and have a long heritage in the county; there are many woods and copses across the wide open landscape each with their own atmosphere and characteristics. When I paint I like to dissect the colours and look for the recessive colours within. My initial drawings remain incredibly important throughout the painting process as they are the beginning of an abstraction of colour, shapes, of compositional development and where I also explore the human element and relationship to nature. My work has developed into painterly images of the woods and individual trees within open landscapes with a focus on silhouette, colour and line. My skills in oil painting has been largely self taught through my own practice and experimentation.

The Search, oil on canvas 2018

Claire Cansick
Towards Burnham, oil on wood panel, 2017

Shepherd's Delight, oil on canvas, 2018

Gentleness Clears The Soul, oil on canvas, 2017


Une artiste anglaise au pays d'Aliénor

"La remarquable exposition « Les arbres de la Vienne » proposée par les Arboréalistes » et installée au Dortoir des moines de Saint-Benoît est prolongée jusqu'au lundi 31 juillet.
Fondé en 2013 par Tim Craven, conservateur en chef du City Art Gallery de Southampton et artiste international, le mouvement pictural s'est donné comme sujet les arbres. « Les arbres avec l'histoire de leur existence et de leur survie sont une métaphore de notre propre existence » explique Philippa Beale, commissaire de l'exposition."

"The remarkable exhibition "The Trees of the Vienne" proposed by the Arboréalists and installed in the Dortoirs des Moines at Saint-Benoît is extended until Monday, July 31st.
Founded in 2013 by Tim Craven, Chief Curator of the Southampton City Art Gallery and artist, who created an international movement of artists, who preferences trees in their work. ”Trees, with the story of their existence and their survival, are a metaphorfor our own existence," explains Philippa Beale, curator of the exhibition."


Des Arboréalistes à quatre mains

"Né au Royaume-Uni sous l'impulsion de Tim Craven, conservateur en chef du musée de Southampton, le mouvement des Arboréalistes expose jusqu'au 31 juillet « Les arbres de la Vienne » au Dortoir des Moines à Saint-Benoît. Majoritairement composés d'artistes britanniques, le mouvement compte cependant deux artistes français."

"Born in the UK under the leadership of Tim Craven, Chief curator of the Southampton Museum, the Arborealist movement is exhibiting until July 31st "The Trees of the Vienne" at the Dormitory of the Monks in Saint-Benoît. Mostly composed of British artists, the movement includes two French artists."


Kerry Harding

Kerry Harding

Present and remembered, steadfast and fleeting, noticed, forgotten and then rediscovered. The trees that inhabit my daily run are the constants that anchor my sense of place. They have become like family or good friends and after 15 years of daily passing offer unconditional and unwavering support. 

Kerry Harding
Still the Wind

Kerry Harding

This experience of the familiar landscape is mirrored in my painting process; old paintings are continuously reworked. Paint is taken away to leave the stains and traces of past images which are then layered with fresh and immediate applications of paint. My love of paint as matter and the physicality of manipulating it is continuously edited down to create a poetic balance of extremes. Old and new, faint and bold, fast and slow, delicate and strong.

Kerry Harding
NewhamsTree II

Kerry Harding
Steep Holly


Les Arboréalistes végétalisent le Dortoir

"Tout juillet, le groupe d'artistes « les Arboréalistes » envahit de ses frondaisons picturales le Dortoir des moines avec l'exposition « Les arbres de la Vienne »."

"All July, the group of artists "the Arborealists" invades with its pictorial greenery The Dortoir des Moines (Dormitory of the Monks) with the exhibition "Les Arbres de la Vienne"."


Les Arboréalistes pour la première fois en France

A great, amazing and laudatory first article in the newspaper today
Un premier article magnifique et élogieux dans le journal aujourd'hui.

A first step in France and Europe !
Un premier pas en France et en Europe !


Dortoir des Moines de Saint-Benoît

The Arborealists
Les arbres de la Vienne

Poitiers, France
du 3 au 31 juillet 2017

9h - 12h30 et  13h30 - 18h
du lundi au samedi
Monday to Saturday

Ouvert dimanches 9 et 30 juillet
Open on  Sunday 9 and 30 July
de 13h30 à 18h

Vernissage vendredi 7 juillet
Private view Friday 7 July

17h30 - 19h30

Trente artistes internationaux

Jacqueline Wedlake Hatton, Snake, Serpent

Fondé en 2013 au Royaume-Uni, le groupe 'The Arborealists' rassemble aujourd'hui une cinquantaine d'artistes internationaux réunis par leur intérêt commun pour les arbres, pour leur représentation et leur préservation. Ils organisent régulièrement des expositions Outre-Manche et présentent pour la première fois leurs travaux en France à Saint-Benoît.

Office de Tourisme/ADECT
11, rue Paul Gauvin
Tél/fax : 05 49 47 44 53