Private View at Black Swan Arts, Frome

Private View for the Arborealists at Black Swan Arts

The opening night at Black Swan Arts was a great success with very many visitors and Arborealists attending. 

The exhibition looked wonderful, very many thanks to Paul Newman and his team, Philippa Beale and Tim Craven for all their hard work on creating such a fluent show,  the wide range and diversity of Arborealists' talent and interpretation was celebrated.

The show filled the entire venue which consists of a grand rectangular room in the main body of the building and also the spectacular round tower.

Included in the show was a painting by Paul Nash, Pond In The Fields 1927, loaned to the Arborealists for the duration of the show from a private collection and one that hadn't been seen in public for several years.

We were also treated to a beautiful song called If Trees Could Talk, What Would They Say? by the wonderful singer Vaishnavi Brassey after the opening speeches by Tim Craven and Paul Newman who introduced the exhibition.

Black Swan Arts 21 July - 2 September 2018

Largest Arborealists Exhibition at Black Swan Arts

The largest exhibition to date of the Arborealists takes place this year at Black Swan Arts in Frome, beginning on the 21st July 2018 and running until 2nd September. Fourty three Arborealists are taking part plus six guest artists who also explore the tree in their subject matter. This fantastic opportunity to show so many of the groups' talent and variety under one roof is an exciting prospect.

With two large exhibitions spaces Black Swan Arts began life as an inn and was saved from dereliction and opened as an arts venue in 1986, it's crowning glory a wonderful round tower with two floors. The Arborealsist exhibitions fills the whole venue and was expertly hung by Tim Craven, Philippa Beale and Paul Newman.

Artist talks will take place by some of the group on Sunday 5th August, coinciding with The Frome Independent, a hugely popular specialist street market which takes place monthly in the town. The artist talk session is a ticketed event with tickets available from the gallery.


The Arborealists at Twenty Twenty

The Arborealists at Twenty Twenty Gallery, Ludlow

A selection of Arborealists from the West of the UK are taking part in an exhibition at the Ludlow Twenty Twenty Gallery during Part II of their Summer Exhibition. 
Showing from 10 - 28 July 2018 are Arborealists Karen Bowers, Simon Dorrell, Blaze Cyan, Fiona Macintyre, Celia De Sierra, Sarah Harding and founder Tim Craven. They will be joined by esteemed local artists Jo March, Michael Johnson and Melissa Scott-Miller for the duration of the exhibition.

Twenty Twenty Gallery is a contemporary art gallery with an excellent reputation for British art and craft based in Much Wenlock, Shropshire and since September 2017 at Ludlow.
The gallery is owned by Hugh and Mary Elliott who took over the gallery in 2004.  Twenty Twenty has become a destination for customers looking for original contemporary art and craft in the West Midlands.

Opening times for the Ludlow gallery are Tuesday - Saturday 10.30 - 4.30pm Closed Sunday, Monday and Bank Holidays.

Twenty Twenty
4 Quality Square


John Davies Gallery Opening Weekend

Private View Weekend Arborealists and Guests at John Davies Gallery

The private view for Arborealists & Guests at John Davies Gallery was held over the course of a weekend which was very successful and allowed John to invite guests who attended at their leisure over two days.

Twelve of the Arborealists exhibiting attended on Saturday 7th July which was a very hot summer's day, alongside guest artist Miriam Escofet winner of the BP Portrait Prize 2018, who had two beautiful paintings of olive trees included in the show.

John Davies also exhibited paintings of his own as he also loves to paint the tree!

Photos by Tony Golding.

John Davies Gallery Exhibition 7 July - 4 August 2018

Arborealists Exhibition at John Davies Gallery

John Davies Gallery will be hosting an exhibition of the Arborealists from 7th July 2018 running for three weeks until 4th August. Twenty two Arborealists are taking part and will be joined by five guest artists local to the area.
The large gallery gives a wonderful opportunity for an extensive exhibition which will include large works and will showcase the wide variety of styles and approaches to the representation of the tree within contemporary art. 
As we become more and more aware of our human impact on the environment our reflection of the natural world increases in value as we strive to bring attention to the protection of its beauty and importance to our wellbeing. The exhibition promises to showcase the importance of the tree within this ethos and is a great opportunity which we warmly thank John Davies for.

Arborealists with guest artist Miriam Escofet at John Davies Gallery


Lady Park Wood Opening Night

Lady Park Wood

Exhibition Private View and Film

Arborealists gathered for the opening night of the exhibition at Monmouth Museum in the Wye Valley.

George Peterken OBE, forester and ecologist gave a talk describing the project

Tim Craven and Fiona McIntyre also spoke about the responses of the artists. Our first site-specific project was in Lady Park Wood, Monmouthshire at the invitation of renowned woodland ecologist George Peterken. He has studied this wood for decades as a scientist and was keen to find out how artists might see and respond to this special place. The Arborealists spent a spring and autumn weekend with George in the wood last year, and some returned to make further work on location. The show at Monmouth is the first of two shows of work by participating artists, and gives an intimate and fascinating perspective. There is a follow up show next year, and we have also commissioned a film about Lady Park Wood and our project:

The exhibition runs from May 5 - September 9 2018. Opening hours 11 - 4 daily. ( closed 9, 16 & 23 May)

To view the film please click here


Dartmoor and Exmoor Spring Event 2018

Dartmoor & Exmoor Site Specific Event

The Arborealists are delighted to have have been invited by both Exmoor and Dartmoor National Park Authorities to create site specific works based on their ancient and managed woodlands. The first visit by a group of Arborealists takes place at the end of April 2018.

Environmental campaigners believe that the majority of the population feel unconnected to nature and that there is no simple solution to this problem. We have become separated from our primordial roots and our once instinctive reliance on the cycle of life of our native flora and fauna. Many of us do not see ourselves as part of nature and so we do not understand or even care that we depend on the health of the natural world for our survival. It is recognised that doom and gloom reports of wild-life extinction and the destruction of vital environments can have the opposite effect to that intended.  We readily accept a depleted state of nature as a baseline that continues to creep; biodiversity is slipping away without being noticed. We refuse to accept or digest the evidence and we bury our heads in the sand.

There is a consensus however that fostering some kind of personal connection to nature is vital in order to awaken and mobilise a largely urban population to take action, and that this could include spirituality and the arts as well as science.

The project will draw directly on this premise and the Arborealists will visit specific tree and woodland sites on Exmoor and Dartmoor in different seasons and make new work for a special exhibition.

The aims are as follows:
  1. To present an emotional and artistic response to the trees and woodland sites in
    order to amplify awareness of them as a natural resource of especial value. 
  2. To compare and contrast the diverse ecology and environments of the different sites through    works of art.
  3. To disseminate and promote the related ecological, historic and social research of the sites and thus their value, through the content of the exhibition and accompanying, interpretive texts.
  4. To highlight the threats to the sites such as neglect, degradation and climate change in order to encourage behavioural change in people who visit and enjoy the national parks.
  5. To celebrate and promote the precious and unique environments of Exmoor and Dartmoor.

The Project

Relevant officers of Exmoor and Dartmoor National Park Authorities will identify and provide information on 4-6 tree and woodland sites on each moor of special ecological and historical significance. Information and access details for the sites would be made available for the artists.

The project will be advertised to the Arborealists and guest local tree artists of significant reputation. Artists will sign up to the project and select from the proposed sites. It is envisaged that an appropriate spread of artists and sites will be established, with each artist selecting one or more sites.

The Arborealists will share accommodation on specific long weekends in the spring and autumn of 2018 (and possibly 2019) and make preliminary or finished works of art at the sites. Artists may choose to work individually or in groups or return to the sites at other times. A community spirit and shared experience is part of the Arborealists' ethos that helps to develop art practice through cross-fertilisation.  

The Arborealists will programme a high quality exhibition of completed project works with an appropriate art gallery of superior reputation as close to the moors as possible, and ideally timed to coincide with a related moor festival of May 2019/20

The National park Authorities will provide wall texts to accompany the exhibition, each of about 3-400 words, describing the ecological, historical and social significance of the sites represented.

The National park Authorities will assist the Arborealists in promoting the project and exhibition through regular channels such as website, social media, literature and festival programmes as appropriate for maximum publicity and footfall.

The project may grow to incorporate other art forms such as film and photography, poetry, literature, sculpture and music. These avenues will be explored as the project develops.

Related events such as artists’ and ecologists’ talks, workshops and guided walks to the sites may be incorporated as part of the project.

The project may, depending on available funding sources, be recorded in a publication to accompany the exhibition. This would further disseminate the aims of the project and assist in its interpretation and act as a legacy.


Wye Valley River Festival 5 May - 19 May 2018

Wye Valley River Festival 2018

Seeds have been sown for the Wye Valley River Festival 2018. There are whispers in the woods of the dates being 5th - 19th May 2018 and TREES being the theme. As the sap quickens and the branches grow watch Wye Valley River Festival 2018 and the Facebook page for more details.

Wye Valley River Festival 2018
Facebook page

Monmouth Museum
Priory Street, Monmouth, Monmouthshire, NP25 3XA